Merry Christmas, Everyone!: Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2024

Merry Christmas, Everyone!: Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2024
Photo by Anton Shcherbakov / Unsplash

It seems only right that this week's (very brief) blog post sends good wishes and says an enormous thank you. This has been a year of massive change for me. Especially since September when I embarked on my new way of working, and, consequently, life. Those changes would not have been nearly as smooth without my lovely family, friends and ex/current-colleagues. I have felt supported and encouraged in equal measure.

An oldie but a goodie: A celebration of the 1000 mile walking challenge that I've been doing since 2016

What this year has taught me is that it is connecting with others that is the thing that is most fulfilling for me. I have absolutely loved: working with people to introduce them to TRE® and supporting them on their personal journey (whether young or with more life experience); leading the singing of the Community Chorus which has been a joy; facilitating a wonderful book group for gorgeous Café Yoga. It has been fantastic to still find myself teaching in school and supporting the development of practitioners for the local Maths Hub. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'd be very bored, and probably quite difficult to live with, without you lot!

So, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, space to relax and have fun. If this Christmas will be difficult, please know that I am thinking of you. Looking forward to seeing lots of you in the New Year. If you fancy some TRE®, singing or a chat about books, you know where I am!

Lots of love.


Wishing you the opportunity to travel your own path in 2024!